(3) Daniel STRATTON

Grandson of Mark Stratton





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Daniel Stratton(3) (David[2], Mark[1]) was born in Evesham, New Jersey, December 15, 1750. By Trade, he was a carpenter and cabinetmaker. He married, first, in New Jersey about 1774. In October, 1779, he was at South River Monthly Meeting in Virginia, as a "Visiting Friend."

The certificate which he presented these shows that he was then "of Evesham." He moved to Virginia soon after, settling in Campbell Couty, near Lynchburg. The South River Meeting Records contain the birth of six of his children. October 10, 1901, Daniel Stratton, with wife Shady, and children Margaret, John, Mary, Daniel and Elias, were given a certificate from South River. This certificate was presented at Westland, January 23, 1802. They settled on the Western Reserve, in Logan County, Ohio, not far from West Liberty *

* = In 1787 the famous ordinance for governing the territory of northwest of the Ohio contained a stipulation that "religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged, and hereafter, forever, there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in this territory except as a punishment for crime." It was this ordinance that encouraged so many Quakers to leave Virginia for the Western Reserve.

A granddaughter, still living (aged 90 years) remembers seeing Daniel Stratton when she was about nine years old. He had come on horseback from West Liberty to Clinton County to visit his son Mahlon.

She remembers him as a tall, slender old gentleman in Quaker dress. He was a man of strong convictions, very decided in his ideas of right and wrong. He had lived for twenty-two years in Virginia and left there on account of his intense dislike of the institution of slavery. He died January 14, 1836, aged 85 years and 19 days. +

+ = Daniel married more than once. Family traditional records differ concerning his wives' names and dates of marriage. One record says that he married first, Shady Grubb, second, Sophia Bryan, third, Nancy Hull (nee Garfield). Another that his first wife was Mary, the mother of the two oldest children, and that Shady was the mother of all other children, that she died soon after the family came to Ohio. It is quite certain, at any rate, that Shady was the mother of the six younger children.

Children: (probably born in Evesham, N.J.)
- Mahlon, b. 1755; died 1860
- Amy, m. Nathan Brown in Ohio, Dec 18, 1806. Births recorded at South River, Virginia.
- David, b. June 6th, 1782; m. Mary Garwood, March 12, 1807
- John, b. 1784; m. Esther Garwood, October 15, 1807
- Margaret, b. August 11, 1787; m. David Oglesby; lived at Paintersville, Ohio
- Mary, b. February 6, 1793; m. Thomas Garwood, March 20, 1809
- Daniel, b. March 9, 1797
- Elias, b. 1798

These Stratton-Garwood marriages are recorded on the Hopewell Monthly Meeting Records. Ohio yearly meeting, it will be remembered, was not organized until 1812.



The homes of Daniel and Thomas (brother) Stratton were in Vernon Township, not far from the dividing Sussex County, New Jersey, from Orange County, New York. When Captain John Sanford organized his regiment of Orange County men in April, 1777, Thomas Stratton enlisted in his company, but was soon transferred to Col. Oliver Spencer's 4th New Jersey Volunteers, and the papers granting his pension in 1820 are on file at Trenton. He was then living in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, while Daniel Stratton settled in Hancock County, Ohio. No authentic record of their parentage has been found, though diligent search has been made for it. It seems most proable that they are descended either from Mark Stratton or Emanuel Stratton of Evesham, New Jersey, but we have no proof of it.


Daniel Stratton, b. ~1750
The deeds of Sussex County, New Jersey, show that in 1779, Daniel and Thomas, both owned land in that county, in Vernon Township. The records show nothing more concerning him until 1809, when he deeded a part of this same land to Daniel Stratton, Jr. He died in Hancock County, Ohio, about 1824. That he was descended from Mark Stratton and "his beautiful wife Ann Hancock" is well understood by his descendants. Daniel's grandson, Mark Stratton of Wabash, Indiana, claimed that he was named for his ancestor "the original Mark Stratton." The record of Daniel's marriage has not been found, but we know that he had at least five children, who settled in Ohio:
--- John
--- Daniel Jr, b. 1781, died 1836
--- David, settled in Ohio
--- Margaret, m. John Burson, lived in Ohio
--- Joseph, b. 1788, died 1836
--- Sarah, m. Isaac Newman; lived in Ohio



(Cont from page 271, Volume 1)
5. David Stratton (Daniel) was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, went from New Jersey to Greensburgh, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and then settled in Richland County, Ohio. His will, recorded in the Probate Office of Richland County, was made June 15, 1843, and he died a few days later. He married Mary Logan, daughter of James Logan, in Beaver County.
--- Lucinda, m. Vincent Dancer
--- Sarah Ann, m. Jesse Dancer
--- John Rigdon
--- Daniel G. (twin) m. Emma Dawson. died at Colorado Springs; 2 daughters: Minnie and Josephine
--- Thomas Jefferson (twin) m. Mary Dyke; died in Los Angeles, California. Federal Soldier 1863-1865; Son, Daniel, d. 1885
--- George Washington, died in camp at Dalo, Oregon, August 1, 1852
--- James Logan, born 1833
--- Elizabeth, m. Charles malcolm
--- Mary, m. George Robinson
--- Rachel, m. Josiah Chamberlain
--- Nancy Jane, m. T. K. Jacobs