Stratton DNA Project

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Stratton: Male Haplogroup R-Z198 (56% in UK) (map)
"The R-Z198 is a new SNP and it's location on the tree is still under investigation: http://www.isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_YDNA_SNP_Index.html"
(FTDNA displayed R1b11a2a1a?)

The common direct paternal ancestor of all men alive today was born in Africa around 140,000 years ago. He was neither the first human male nor the only male alive in his time. He was the only male whose direct lineage is present in current generations. Most men, including your direct paternal ancestors, trace their ancestry to one of this man’s descendants.

The STRATTON branch of this lineage took part in out-of-Africa migrations. Your ancestors traveled to West Asia where they lived by hunting wildlife and gathering wild fruits and berries. Over time, groups containing this branch spread west toward Europe.


The Y-Haplogroup R SRY2627/L176.2/Z198 Project- Background

Z198 is a mutation discovered in 2011/2 by a group of "citizen scientists" investigating data published by the 1000 Genomes Project. Along with several other SNPs discovered in R-SRY2627 samples, it has been included in the chip for the Geno 2.0 Project. It appears to be upstream of SRY2627 and equivalent to L176.2. Anyone with Z198+ amongst their Geno 2.0 results is very welcome to join this Project.