(b. ~1653, d. August 11, 1691)

Father of
"The Hancock Sisters"

Ann Hancock Father
(Mark Stratton's Wife)





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Timothy Hancock History; came to America in 1681-2 w/ sister Mary

Timothy Hancock (b. ~1653), daughter Ann Hancock (b. Aug 11, 1691), wife of Mark Stratton.

Timothy was born in Brayles, a small town in the southern part of Warwickshire. [SOURCE]

Timothy came to America in 1681, with his sister Mary Hancock, the age of 15, on the ship "PARADISE" from Warwickshire, England:
----- "In 1681, there came from Brayles, a small town in the southern part of Warwickshire, a young man named Timothy Hancock, accompanied by his sister, who was about fifteen years of age. Without friends or means, they lived in a very humble manner among the settlers, but the demand for workmen soon found Timothy employment, and the demand for wives did not leave Mary long without a suitor. " [SOURCE 19]

Mary Hancock - b. 1665, d. 1728; married William Matlack 1682 in Burlington Co, NJ., William came over on the ship "Kent".
--- Mary Hancock told stories of being "Ship wrecked" on their way over to America.
----- m. William Matlack "was to serve his master Daniel Wills for 4 years after his coming hither; in which service he worked as a carpenter."
----- he came from a small village in Nottinghamshire, England, called Cropwell Bishop, ~7 miles SE of Nottingham.
----- as a Mechanic, he helped to erect Thomas Olive's corn mill, the first of its kind, in West Jersey.
----- "His leisure hours were spent among the natives, watching their peculiarities and striving to win their good will" [SOURCE 19]

William Matlack and Timothy Hancock, brother-in-laws:
"they soon found their neighborhood was a desirable one; for new settlements were made there in a short time, and went on increasing until a meeting of Friends was established at the house of Timothy Hancock by the consent of Burlington Friends in 1685. This was held on alternat first-days with one at the ouse of John Kay, on the north branch of Cooper's creek, for the accommodation of Friends at Penisaukin and Evesham. These were continued until about year 1707. At these places many marriages were solemonized during that time, the knowledge of which would add much to the early history of this section of the State.
The Matlack Family in New Jersey have been remarkably prolific, the children of the "First Settlers", however, were:
John, who m. Hannah Horner & Mary Lee;
George, who m. Mary Foster & Mary Hancock;
Mary, who m. Jonathan Haines & Daniel Morgan;
William, who m. Ann Antrim;
Richard, who m. Rebecca Hines & Mary Cole;
Joseph, who m. Rebecca Hines;
Timothy, who m. Mary Hines;
--- son Timothy Jr, b. in Haddonfield 1730, was in Revolutionary War, although a Quaker, held a colonel's commission. For this he lost his membership as a Quaker. In connection with Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris and others, a Society was established in Philadelphia, called the "Free Quakers". He was Secretary of the Continental Congress for some time, and was known as an open and decided advocate for the separation of the colonies from the mother country. His portrait now hangs in the Hall of Independence. He died in 1829, and is burried in the graveyard of the religious society of which he was a member, in S. 5th Street, Philadelphia. [S19 pg 237]
Jane, who m. ___ Irvin, and
Sarah, who m. Carlyle Haines.
From these marriages has sprung one of the largest families in New Jersey, and, one which, at this date, has found its way into every state in the Union." [S19 pg 235]

In 1714, William Matlack gave his son George 500 acres of land in Waterford Township, being part of that which he had purchased of Richard Heritage. George had previously married Mary Foster, and settled on this tract.

### Timothy's first wife Rachel Sirman (m. Sept 6, 1684) died some time before 1690; he also re-married some time before 1690 to Susannah Ives.=

### Timothy settled on a tract of land 100 acres in Burlington County, between the forks of the Pensauken Creek, about two miles from the present town of Moorsetown. In 1682, in connection with William Matlock and John Roberts, he bought a piece of land from the Indian chief Tallaca, the original deed to which is still preserved by a descendant of William Matlock.

Timothy Hancock's parents:
John Hancock, Quaker - born 1619 in Brayles, Warwickshire, England; died 1688 in Brailes, England - (Son of Richard B Hancock (b. before 1600, d. 1661) and Elizabeth (b. before 1600, d. 1627))
Anne - born 1619 in England

Timothy Hancock, born December 01, 1653 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England; died 1713 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ;
married (1) Rachel Ferman November 06, 1684 in Evesham Twp, Burlington, NJ; born 1663 in England; died 1690 in Evesham, Burlington,. NJ;
married (2) Susannah Ives May 1690 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ; born 1660 in England or NJ; died 1698 in Evesham, Burlington, NJ.

Notes for Timothy Hancock: In 1681 the ship 'Paradise' brought a body of colonists to New Jersey among who were Timothy Hancock and his sister Mary, from Warwickshire, England. Mary married William Matlock, who came in the 'Kent'. Timothy settled on a tract of 100 acres of land in Burlington County, between the forks of the Pensauken Creek, about two miles from the present town of Moorestown.

In 1682, in connection with William Matlock and John Roberts, he bought a piece of land of the Indian chief Tallaca, the original deed that is now preserved by a descendant of William Matlock. "[The following is the deed, verbatim:] 'Know all people that I tallaca have had and Received of and from John Roberts with the consent of the neighborhood at pimsawquin one match coate one Little Runlit of Rum and two bottles of Rum In Consideration whearof I the said taleca doe hearby grant Bargain and sell unto the said John Roberts Timothy Hancock and William Matlock all those plantations at pimsawquin promising for Ever to defend the said John Roberts etc from all other Indians Laying any Claime theareto in wittness whearof I the said talleca have hear unto my hand and seale the twelveth day of April 1684. [Then the mark of Z talleca.']

"Timothy was a young man when he came to New Jersey. Three years later, -- November 16, 1684, -- he married Rachel Firman, in Evesham monthly meeting. Rachel died before 1690 and Timothy married Susannah Ives. He was a prominent man in the colony. Timothy Hancock and his sister, then about fifteen, came from their home in Brayles, Warwickshire, England in the ship 'Paradise' arriving in West Jersey on March 7, 1681. Timothy was able to pay the passage money for the two of them. When they landed they had little worldly goods; they were a humble pair and the community readily accepted them. A year later Mary let several suitors know that she was spoken for as her heart favored William Matlack. The Quaker ceremony in 1682 was a joyous event; William was thirty-four and Mary sixteen. Timothy Hancock married first in 1684 Rachel Firman. His second marriage was to Susannah Ives. His 100-acre tract adjoined the Matlack homestead. As more settlers came into the area, William Matlack and Timothy Hancock thought it a good idea to set up a Friends Meeting and with the consent of the Burlington Friends this was established in the Hancock home in 1685. There on what the Quakers called 'first days' the neighbors met to meditate and pray as they wished.

from "Calendar of Records in the office of the secretary of state, 1664-1703" pg 479:

1690 1st day, 3rd month (May). Deed. Daniel Wills of Northampton River, Burlington County, yeoman, to Timothy Hancock on Cropwell Creek said County, and wife Susannah, formerly Susannah Ives, for 80 acres to be taken up in West Jersey.

* "Timothy Hancock, and his daughter Elizabeth by his former wife Rachell Surman..." pg 479

"1690 1st day 3rd month. Do. Walter Humphries alias Powell of Painswick, County of Gloucester, England, by his attorney and son Joshua Humphries alias Powell, of Northampton River, to Timothy Hancock on Cropwell Creek and his daughter Elizabeth by his former wife Rachell Surman, for 40 acres of the land bought of Joan Cames, Mary Parker and Ellenor Baston on July 31 1682."

1693-4 Feb 20 - Do. Thomas and Jonah Penford of Leicester, England, by their attorney George Hutcheson, to Timothy Hancock of Pemisawkin Creek, Burlington County, yeoman, for 250 acres to be surveyed in West Jersey.


"Timothy Hancock came to West Jersey "free" on the "Paradise". which arrived at the Delaware River 7 March 1681/2, when he was 28, with his sister Mary, aged 15; she apparently went to live with the family of Daniel Wills, to whom William Matlack was indentured; they were poor but Mary married as Timothy was granted 100 acres next to William Matlack's plantation"
- http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=81380006&id=I3483









(1) Timothy Hancock (1m. Rachel Firman, d. 1684 - 2m. Susannah Ives, d. 1698)
--- (2) Elizabeth Hancock (m. Robert Braddock)
--- (2) Hannah Hancock (m. Manuel Stratton)
--- (2) Ann Hancock (m. Mark Stratton)

(1) Mary Hancock Matlack (sister) (m. William Matlack)
--- (2) Timothy Matlack Sr. (m. Martha Burr Haines)
-------- (3) Timothy Matlack (Dec. of Ind.)
-------- (3) Sybil Matlack
-------- (3) Elizabeth Matlack
-------- (3) Titus Matlack
-------- (3) Seth Matlack
-------- (3) Josiah Matlack
-------- (3) White Matlack