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Robert Braddock, Sr

Robert Braddock Sr. was the immigrant that came to America with Mark and Manuell Stratton in 1702, at the age of ~17.

Robert was born in 1685 in England and died on Dec 4 1714 in Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey, at 30 years of age.

He immigrated in 1702 and settled in Chester Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. His wife was Elizabeth Hancock, daughter of Timothy Hancock and Rachel Firman.

Their Children were:

Robert Braddock Jr - b. 1712, m. 1737, d. 1766. (1st married Elizabeth Bates (daughter of Joseph and Mercy (Clement) Bates), then Frances Norcross.)
CHILDREN w/ Elizabeth Bates (1st Wife):
---- Bathsheba Braddock - m. Thomas Hooten
------- Deborah Hooten - m. Joshua Stokes (1st Wife)
"Robert was the son of Robert Braddock, the progenitor of the Braddock family, and Elizabeth Hancock, the daughter of Timothy Hancock, the progenitor of the Hancock family, and Rachel Firman, his first wife. Timothy came from Brayles, Warwickshire, England, in 1681, in the ship "Paradise."
^^^^^^ SOURCE: Gen. of the Stokes Family: Desc. from Thomas & Mary Stokes... Burlington Co., NJ pg 22 (written 1903)

Hannah Braddock - b. 1713, m. John Painter on Sep 6 1735, d. 1788

Rachel Braddock

-- Rehoboam Braddock - married Jemima Darnell (b. Oct6, 1744 - d. Jan 13, 1818)
---- Barzillia,
---- John,
---- Jemima
---- Esther,
---- Pemberton
---- Caroline
---- Darnell Braddock b. April 18 1777, m. Sarah Rogers on Jan 31 1799 (b. Mar 15 1776, D. Nov 13 1846) d. Jan 31 1822
------- Jemimah Ann Braddock, m. William Sharp

"The pioneer Robert Braddock arrived from England in 1702 and in 1709 married Elizabeth Hancock, daughter of Timothy Hancock who settled on Pensauken Creek neear Moorestown. Robert Braddock died in 1714.

"Robert Braddock was assumed to bring Mark Stratton to America from Old England in 1702. Source: Boston Transcripts 27 August 1906 #8821.
Robert Braddock was a Quaker of Upper Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey. He willed land and money for a meeting house at his death in 1714.
Source: Immigrants to the middle colonies, Ed. by M. Tepper, Balt, Gen. Pub. 1978."

Mark Stratton - Find a Grave:








The Stratton / Braddock House in New Jersey
Built by Isaac Stratton, Mark Stratton's son, in 1760, a year after Mark was buried.
The home was sold to the family frends, the Braddock Family, in 1795, and still remains to this day!
The address is 70 S. Main St., Medford, New Jersey, 08055 USA - one block from Mark's burial site.

Most of the land of what is now Medford Village was owned by two families in l775– the Braddocks and the Branins. This brick residence was built of Flemish Bond brick that year for John Braddock, a tanner, by Isaac Stratton. It was probably built in two sections. The house has a varied pattern, as every other brick has a salt glazed end– of dark green color, very shiny and having the hardness of flint. In l795, Robert Braddock purchased the property.
Stratton Hall Historical Site in New Jersey: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMGZY_Medford_Owen_Stratton_House
Stratton Burying Ground Historical Site in New Jersey: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMH0G_Stratton_Burying_Ground



(1) Robert Braddock, Sr., progenitor (m. Elizabeth Hancock, dau. of Timothy Hancock, progenitor)
--- (2) Robert Braddock (1m. Elizabeth Bates, dau. of Joseph Bates & Mary Clement (dau. of James Clement & Jane))
------- (3) Rachel (Braddock) Crispin (dau. of Elizabeth Bates) (m. Benjamin Crispin)
----------- (4) Lydia (Crispin) Hewlings (m. John Hewlings)
--------------- (5) Ann (Hewlings) Wilkins (m. Amos Wilkins)
------------------- (6) Sarah (Wilkins) Coate (m. Charles Coate)
------- (3) Rehoboam Braddock (m. Jemima Darnell (dau. of John Darnell progenitor & Hannah Borton))
----------- (4) Elizabeth Braddock (m. Noah Sharp)
--------------- (5) Samuel Sharp
------------------- (6) John Sharp, m. Elizabeth Paine (1st Wife), dau. of John Paine, the progenitor of the Paine family
----------------------- (7) John Sharp Jr., m. Ann Haines (2nd Wife)
--------------------------- (8) Amos Sharp, m. Deborah Haines, dau. of Enoch Haines and Abigail
------------------------------- (9) Aaron Sharp, m. Rachel Cox

----------------------------------- (10) Lydia?
----------- (4) Job Braddock Sr (m. Hannah Snowden (dau. of Nathaniel Snowden & Markaret))
--------------- (5) Job Braddock

-------------------------------- (?) Richard S. Braddock, M.D. (1m. Emma T. Antrim, dau. of Thomas Antrim & Lydia Sharp)


(1) Timothy Hancock progenitor (1m. Rachel Firman, d. 1684 - 2m. Susannah Ives, d. 1698)
--- (2) Elizabeth Hancock (m. Robert Braddock[1])
--- (2) Hannah Hancock (m. Manuel Stratton)
--- (2) Ann Hancock (m. Mark Stratton[1])

(1) Mary Hancock Matlack (sister of Timothy Hancock) (m. William Matlack)
--- (2) Timothy Matlack Sr. (m. Martha Burr Haines)
------- (3) Timothy Matlack (Dec. of Ind.)
------- (3) Sybil Matlack
------- (3) Elizabeth Matlack
------- (3) Titus Matlack
------- (3) Seth Matlack
------- (3) Josiah Matlack
------- (3) White Matlack


from Genealogy of the Stokes Family..., pg 205a:


"Richard S. Braddock, M. D., the son of William Braddock, Jr., and Mary Jane (Garwood) Braddock, was born in Medford, New Jersey, 1853, December 3rd."

"His preparatory education was obtained at the Pennington Seminary, from which he graduated in 1872. He read medicine with N. Newlin Stokes, M. D., of Moorestown, New Jersey, attended lectures and was graduated from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1875."

"The same year he commenced the practice of his profession in Medford and vicinity, where by his skillful treatment of disease, and ready diagnosis of cases, he has gained the confidence of a large circle of friends, and has here continued a successful practice since."

"He takes special interest in surgery, and won for himself a very creditable distinction in the art; is a student of his profession, and well read in the best medical literature of the day."

"He married, in 1887, Emma T. Antrim, to whom one child, R. Chilton Braddock, was born, who died when quite young."

"Emma, his wife, dying a few years after the son, he married again the second time, Eva S. Ballinger."

William Braddock Sr m. Ann Rogers
--- William Braddock Jr, m. Mary J. Garwood("William Jr spent his entire life in Medford Township, as a Farmer, Lumber Merchant, Butcher, and dealing extensively in Real Estate, Pine Land and Cranberry Bottoms")
------ Marianna, d. before 1903, unmarried
------ Hannah G., d. before 1903, unmarried
------ Charles S., d. before 1903, unmarried
------ Emma Jane, m. Samuel Stackhouse
------ Adelaide, unmarried as of 1903
------ Richard S. Braddock, m. Emma T. Antrim (1st Wife), m. Eva S. Ballinger (2nd Wife) before 1903
------ Clara, unmarried as of 1903
------ Lilian, d. in minority before 1903